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Welcome to Spooktacular Ghost Hunting Events UK Ltd




Established since June 2012, Spooktacular Ghost Hunting Events UK Ltd set up with one aim- to produce honest , realistic and affordable public ghost hunting events around the UK. We are proud to be a respected and popular ghost hunting company . We are led by an experienced team of Paranormal Investigators all of which carry a high standard of working within the paranormal field , this is because all of our team have a substantial amount of experience investigating and working within the paranormal and have investigated hundreds if not thousands of locations between us all. We aim to provide quality, affordable and enjoyable overnight ghost hunting events at some of the UK's most haunted locations. Look no further for your UK ghost hunt!

Our events are very much about our guests and your paranormal investigation experience is paramount to us. We are not ego or profit driven and our events are honest .


During Covid - 19 we were not able to run our public events so Spooktacular drifted off into a completely new direction by bringing back to life an 1859 boarding school that was sat there rotting. We found it SO rewarding and we enjoyed it so much that it led us to other locations that needed our help.


We love the new path that Spooktacular has found itself on. It's a refreshing change after doing the same thing for 10 years and it feels right. 


From January 1st 2023 our events will be mainly limited to our own venues . Many of you have followed our stories and progress with these venues and have already visited them. We would like to thank you for your support , your support has kept these beautiful locations alive. Now is the time for us to put these special locations at the forefront of Spooktacular where they can get the attention they deserve. In the future we will go back to visiting other locations but for now this is the path we need to take. Thank your for your understanding and support. 


We hope to see you on an event with us soon , we can never guarantee paranormal activity, what we can guarantee is that you'll be in safe hands with our fantastic team.


Had a brilliant night last night at George Jarvis school Cat ball going off Tapping Could hear dragging along the floor Shadow going across the door ( sorry to the man whose lap I nearly jumped on ) Children laughing and playing My wrist felt like some one was pulling on it Couldn’t understand why my son kept yawning but it was only in the seance room ?? Thank you for another fantastic night it was amazing Roll on the next one

Jackie A

Just wanted to say thank you to Spooktacular for hosting the event at the George Jarvis School last night, we all had a brilliant time, what an amazing place and thank you so much to Mart for bump starting my stupid car when it wouldn’t start at the end of the night! (so embarrassing ) I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Spooktacular and we can’t wait for the next ghost hunt! (I’ll make sure I use a different car next time )


Well what can I say about the night at The George Jarvis school before we even started me personally I didn't feel right heart rate doing back flips its one of the creepiest coldest location I've been. activity from start to finish things were being thrown.... voices.... footsteps... response to questions... noises... tapping... the temperature... dropping.. whispering... crying.. seen my first ever solid figure , I think its was the old head master Frederick Ramsay just going about doing is rounds of the school. While trying to get some sleep something was thrown across the room it was time to leave building first time ever we've done this but onwards and upwards can't wait for the next one THE nunnery , thank you for a spooktacular night


Really well run events at amazing venues and all staff are fantastic, can't say any more really, if you want to find out more go to an event or 4- Scott



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