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The George Jarvis Boarding School Ghost Hunt- 17/02/2023 - £35 P/P

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This outstanding red brick school which is a Herefordshire landmark gothic building was built around the late 1850's . The school, among many other buildings and houses were under the George Jarvis charity, the school offered boarding since the day of opening, this was aimed for the benefit of children who came from a poor family.

The building has had the American army stay there and is said to have been as a hospital for the Army at some point in it's history. It was also used as a Youth Hostel in the 1980's.

It's no surprise that a building of this age with a rich history is rumoured to be so haunted . The locals often speak about the ghostly man looking out of the top floor window which they believe is the unsettled and angry spirit of George Jarvis who is believed to haunt the school, after all, his money was used to erect this public building which went right against everything in his will.

George Jarvis, who left his massive fortune to the poor of Staunton-on-Wye, Bredwardine and Letton in 1793, demanded his legacy never be used to erect public buildings.

In his will, George Jarvis stated: "My mind and will is that none of the said monies be appropriated in erecting any public buildings whatsoever."

Former pupils of the school and staff have shared their spooky experiences , from things moving on their own accord in classrooms to ghostly legs being seen in the corridor. Most people that have been in this school have a story to tell.

There are also some ghost books in circulation that feature the hauntings of this former school.

The main school building has over 40 rooms across 4 floor levels, the cellars , Ground Floor, First Floor and Second Floor. There is a also a large outbuilding and a school house attached.

Parking: On site

Toilets and Refreshments:- Yes to both

Venue Address

The George Jarvis School

School Lane

Staunton On Wye



School Lane is just off the A438, as you go up School Lane the driveway to the school entrance is on the right hand side and is about half way up the road.

The gate will be open at 7:45 PM , please drive up the driveway and our team will direct you on where to park. If the gate is not open then please do not wait in your car on the main road, the school is in a residential setting with many elderly residents so therefore we need minimal traffic and disturbance, this goes for the end of the event also , please leave the village quietly, no loud music, engines revving etc . If we have complaints then our events at the school will be difficult so it vital that you work with us and respect the village.

*No alcohol , under 18's or pregnant ladies please *

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