CORONAVIRUS (covid-19)  

Our office is closed, to help with answering any questions or queries you may have in regards to Coronavirus , here are some FAQ'S. 


When will events run again?


This is sadly impossible to answer! There is no set expiry date on this virus . A Road Map has been released from the Government with a plan to exit lockdown and lift restrictions, we hope by Autumn ( September/October) we will be in a position to run our events again,  this all depends of course on the infections rates and numbers of death, if there is a second peak/wave of the virus then we will be held back a little bit longer, if and when restrictions are lifted there may still be social distancing in place for a while , social distancing will be hard to maintain on our events so until this is lifted we are unable to operate. 

Why are ticket sales closed for all events you have listed ? When can I book a future event?

We do not think it is sensible or fair to take money from customers for future events when we cannot be sure that the event will run, it is better to cut the rope and open up ticket sales when restrictions have been lifted and we have the green light to operate again. When we reach this point, you'll be able to book a future event .

Why have I not received a refund?

As advised in our Terms and Conditions when events are postponed ( Not Cancelled) for reasons beyond our control we are unable to issue a refund . Our venues are paid for in advance , many of these locations rely on our bookings to financially survive and are facing worrying times, a fair few are charities and museums , instead of us having our hire fee payments refunded,  our dates have been postponed ,  new dates for these venues will be organised when this current virus situation has been resolved and the venues open back up as they are all currently closed. All guests have been emailed and notified of any postponed dates and these dates are also listed on our website. You can move to the new event dates or use your credit note against any other event. We are very thankful to most of you that have understood this situation we are in and have supported us and these amazing venues, without this support we, along with the venues would struggle to survive. You will receive your event when we are able to operate again and you will not lose your money.

Will your business close permanently ? 

Never! We have been established now for 8 years. Like all small businesses we have suffered from Covid-19 but not enough to close our business. Our team and venues are ready to get straight back out there but we are unable to until the Government says so! Please do not worry,you will get your ghost hunts and your money is safe.  We have kept all of our lovely customers in the loop from day one , we appreciate you all so much and would never let you down like that.


We have used this time well. We have re-designed our websites and have made plans for new paranormal weekends and events . We can't wait to see you all x

Update ( Wednesday 8th July 2020)

Wow! Where is the time going? Can you believe that we are now over half way through the year! Very sorry , I didn't realise it was so long before we left an update. Right good news!

We are running events again from 1st September 2020, ticket sales for events will be back open on Monday 20th July 2020.

We have been in contact with 80% of the venues and have received new dates, all those that had their dates postponed have been contacted via email with a list of new dates. You will get first refusal and priority on dates and what is left will be put up for sale on our website, if we don't hear from you then when we do , if said dates are sold then you'll need to choose another date that's available as were unable to put sales on hold for too long.  If you haven't heard from then please do not panic, some venues are still closed , we can't email you new dates if we don't get them from the venue, don't worry, we will be in touch in due course. If you want to attend another venue then you can, this is why we sent out credit notes,so you hav that choice and flexibility .

At this moment in time we expect things to operate very differently when we are running again in September . 

Social distancing will be in place and will need to be adhered to, hand sanitising, you may be required to wear a mask ( may not need to in the distant future)  close contact experiments such as seances , spirit boards and glass work can not be done in an open group setting,  however if you come from one household you will be able to do it in your own small group. We will still supply equipment for you to use, it will be cleaned between each use. 

Big venues where we have a bigger group of guests will be split in half with basically 2 events running on the same night, 2 base areas etc. We will not be able to supply hot refreshments but we will supply bottled water and packaged /sealed snacks. We also have a fogger machine which will remove any traces of Covid, this will come in handy at some locations . 

Your safety and our team safety is paramount to us , thank you again for your support and we hope you have been enjoying the LIVE feeds. x

Update ( Friday 22nd May 2020)

We hope everyone is OK .

We are starting to get things moving a little here , lots going on in the office and plans are being made for when restrictions are lifted and we are able to run events again .

Some of the team right now are sitting a Covid 19 course , the rest will start theirs soon . They’ll all receive an accredited CPD certificate , this will give you peace of mind on our events that the team have receive proper training in Covid -19 and will be able to handle situations that require all to be safe and vigilant of the disease .

We will do all we can to look after you all x


UPDATE (Monday 11th May 2020 )


Good Morning to you all . We do hope you are all well .

It’s now been confirmed by the government that there are 3 stages in place to exit the lockdown , we unfortunately come under the hospitality and leisure sector which comes under stage 3 , we will
be one of many businesses last on the list to return due to the distancing . IF the R levels stay down then we may be able to run our events again by September , just in time for Halloween 🎃!

Events before this date will now have to be postponed and guests booked on will be contacted this week . New event dates will be issued as soon as these restrictions are lifted .

Let’s hang in there , we will all be back doing what we love before we know it .

In the meantime , please keep safe and do adhere to the social distancing rules , the sooner this virus 🦠 has gone , the sooner we can enjoy life by doing the things we love .

Thank you to you all for being so amazing throughout all of this. X
















UPDATE ( Wednesday 6th May 2020 )

We hope everyone is doing ok and that you’re all keeping safe and well.

We miss you all soooooo much . Our last event was March 21st , we’ve never gone this long without our ghost hunting fix ! The struggle is real 😆👻

When this situation has been resolved then the venues that were postponed will have new dates for our lovely guests to transfer to or they can use their credit note to attend any other future event . I have to say , all of YOU amazing guests have been brilliant and supportive .

The rest of our events listed on our websites are currently closed for ticket sales , we don’t think it’s fair or wise to keep selling events and taking people’s money when we have no idea when we can run events again . We don’t want to take that risk of letting you all down again . It’s better to be safe , cut the rope and open sales back up when this has all blown over .

As it stands we still have no idea when this situation will be resolved , even if lockdown ends there may be social distancing rules still in place for a fair while , we won’t be able to run any events until these restrictions are fully lifted and we have the green light to do so .

I want to thank each and every one of you for your support and understanding , pushing aside the big amount of Facebook page likes we have and the amount of events we run , we are a small business which runs from the family home , we are not a big company with big profits and this has hit us as hard as everyone else so we really do appreciate how amazing you have all been .

We’ve used this time well , new events and new paranormal weekends have been planned and the websites have been revamped . All the kit has been sorted out and all the admin is up to date .

We are ready to roll and as soon as we have the all clear then off we trot !

We look forward to hopefully seeing you all soon .

Ps ! We are collecting video messages off the team and will upload a video soon x




A very big hello to you all, I do hope you are keeping safe in these difficult times. 

ALL of our events up until the 20th June 2020 are currently postponed.  Emails have been sent out to all guests booked onto these events. We are sorry but this situation is out of our hands, we really do hope we can return back to normality soon.

In the meantime, we are planning new exciting events, new weekends away including a return to Pendle Hill and Newsham Park Hospital, we are so excited with what we have planned. 

We miss you all and cannot wait to see you 

Please take care x 




Good morning from us all , beautiful sunny ☀️ day here in Hereford . We hope you are all ok ?

After the Prime Minister’s press conference last night we saw new stricter measures being made in order to control social gatherings , all public places where people socialise have been shut down and gatherings with more than 10 people will be a problem . To comply with the government and to keep our guests and team safe in this terrible situation we have decided that all events from
Sunday 22nd March 2020 will be postponed until 5th May 2020 , that gives us 6 weeks to see how the situation develops / resolves , if no improvement by the 25th April 2020 then May and possibly June events will also be postponed .

If by some miracle this situation is resolved and we’re able to run an event between now and May then we will and you will be contacted . We will be closely monitoring the situation .

We advise you all to NOT book onto any future events as we have absolutely no idea on what events will / will not run in the future , you are able to purchase gift vouchers but all ticket sales for future events will be closed.

All guests booked on to March/ April events will be contacted via email . Please do not expect a response if you contact us , we are so very busy at the moment with this virus situation and of course trying to juggle problems in our personal lives.

No one will lose their money and Spooktacular/ Haunted Cells will not go out of business ! It just means that events have to come to a stop for hopefully just a short period of time .

I personally want to thank the fantastic team that I have , they’re an absolute credit to me ! Thank you to some of the locations that have helped us and are working with us through this difficult , unprecedented situation , and special thanks to our lovely guests that have been nothing but understanding and supportive , between us all I know we will come out the other end of it stronger , bigger and better .

While we are not running events we will spend the time putting pen to paper , planning new exciting experiences. We also try to do some live team events , we know of some great abandoned locations that we’ve not visited for a while .

Please keep safe everyone

Nat x 🖤



UPDATE ( Tuesday 17th March 2020/ 5pm )


◾️ After speaking with venue owners , the following weekend events are running as planned


✔️ Llanrumney Hall - Friday 20th March 2020

✔️ Portsmouth Prison - Saturday 21st March 2020

✔️The Ancient Ram Inn - Friday 20th March 2020


✖️ Steelhouse Lane - CANCELLED ( Saturday 21st March 2020)

✖️ Dorchester Old Courts -  CANCELLED ( Next Weekend )Friday 27th March 2020

 X The Skirrid Inn-CANCELLED ( Saturday 21st March 2020 )

 X The Skirrid Inn - CANCELLED ( Friday 27th March 2020)

 X The Old Lamb Hotel- CANCELLED ( Saturday 28th March 2020)

 X  Dorchester Prison- CANCELLED - ( Saturday 28th March 2020)

X  Warmley Clock Tower -CANCELLED ( Friday 3rd April 2020)

 X Gloucester Prison - CANCELLED - ( Saturday 4th April 2020) 

 X Tewkesbury Museum - CANCELLED ( Friday 17th April 2020) 


( Guests on those cancelled events are currently being contacted via email )


We want to assure you that we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation.

We appreciate the update on the situation made by the prime minister today and the new measures that have been put in place. 


The situation will be reviewed often and if more events get cancelled then we will update our site, Facebook pages and those that have booked the event will notified via email. 

For the latest information and travel advice surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, please visit the website:

If you are experiencing any symptoms or are concerned you may have been exposed to the virus when travelling; please refer to the NHS 111 online coronavirus service:

Please look at our website for further information regarding this current situation


Please do refrain from constantly sending us emails and messages , we appreciate that you are concerned , if any events do get cancelled we will notify you , if you don’t hear from us then the event is going ahead. We’re struggling to answer everyone now due to constant messages so please just check this page / our website for updates .



UPDATE ( Saturday 14th March 2020/ 8am )

At the moment under government guidelines our understanding is that there is no clear rationale for ‘closing events’ and unless a specific scenario develops, the government encourages business as usual.

At this stage we are not concerned with our events not running . All are planned to run as usual.

As the outbreak develops the next stage could be a ban on all mass gatherings of 500+ people , this would not affect our events as most have between 15-50 guests .

We are taking precautionary measures on all of our events with Hand Sanitisers / Plastic Gloves and Tissues offered . Surfaces will be cleaned regularly including the equipment . We will encourage you all to wash your hands frequently and holding of hands during seances and vigils will be dropped . We advise you all to keep a social distance from one another .

If you develop a fever or a new persistent cough you should stay home and self-isolate for seven days and visit for further advice.

If your symptoms worsen during home isolation or are no better after 7 days contact NHS 111 online. If you have no internet access, you should call NHS 111. For a medical emergency dial 999.

Please contact us straight away if you’re booked onto an event and need to self isolate. We will issue you a credit note to attend a future event when you’re better , the same goes if we get to a point where an event cannot run , if the venue cancels on us or if the UK goes on complete lock down then credit notes will be issued to you all to attend a future event , you will not lose your money .

Based on this unknown future ahead of us we don’t recommend you book hotels etc for the events .

What is Coronavirus?

COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called Coronavirus.

The UK Chief Medical Officers have raised the risk to the public from low to moderate.

The symptoms of Coronavirus are:

  • a cough

  • a high temperature

  • shortness of breath

But these symptoms do not necessarily mean you have the illness.

The symptoms are similar to other illnesses that are much more common, such as cold and flu.

Because it's a new illness, we do not know exactly how Coronavirus spreads from person to person.

Similar viruses are spread in cough droplets.


We advise all guests to keep a social distance from other guests and staff on our events, therefore our future seances will not require guests to hold hands and some events may see seances scrapped completely . 


Please wash your hands thoroughly before the event for at least 20 seconds , during the event at breaks and before you leave the event.


We will provide hand sanitisers throughout the night and all pieces of equipment will be cleaned before being passed from one guest to another at Free Time.


We advise you to bring tissues, if you cough /sneeze etc please catch it , bin it and kill it.  

We advise all those that are over 70's or those that have underlying health conditions to not attend , we will issue you a credit note to attend a future event. 


We are sorry to hear that you have this illness and we wish you a very speedy recovery, please do NOT attend our event if you have the illness or if you are suspected to have the illness .

Most of our venues are paid for in advance so we are unfortunately unable to issue refunds, we can however issue credit notes for you to attend a future event or will offer you alternative dates for the venue .


What happens if an event is cancelled? 

If a venue cancels our event or if we have no choice but to postpone the event due to instructions by the government then you will be notified immediately via email, we will not be offering any refunds for any postponed events. When the virus situation has been resolved we will offer you a credit note/ alternative dates to attend the event. 

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